unefsUNIVERSITATEA NATIONALA de EDUCATIE FIZICA si SPORT  - UNEFS  (The National University of Physical Education and Sports Bucharest  - NUPES), one of oldest public institutions founded in Europe, in 1923, offers each year degree programs - bachelor, master and doctoral programs, for about 1100 students, in the physical education, sports and kinesitherapy areas of studies. The high level of educational services are recognized by the Romanian Agency of Quality in Higher Education.

UNEFS experience in higher education is oriented to the education quality and to the academic community performances, being confirmed by the important number of graduates who have become famous and appreciated in many countries of the world.

UNEFS undertakes the following actions in the areas relevant for this application:

- develops and implements science in its domain of activity, at national and international levels, by promoting the healthy and active life style, the performance in sport, and the physical therapy;

- enriches and treasures its theoretical and practical knowledge, but also its stores of specialty books and documents;

- promotes its own and the universal scientific values, methodologies, inventions and innovations, modern theoretical and practical knowledge, experience and creative thinking, in relation to physical exercises;

- provides, at the European qualification standards, student training and specialty further training in physical education, sports, kinetotherapy and other related professions;

- organizes the student - centered teaching and learning, in order to train specialists with a solid professional-scientific background, highly prepared for educatiional, scientific, cultural, social and economic activities specific to the domain, but also to continuously improve its graduates’ proficiency, in the spirit of progress, knowledge and continuous education;

- promotes international cooperation and integration into the European higher education system, from the structural, qualitative and economic effectiveness points of view;

- provides a psychosocial climate favorable to both achievement of professional performances, competitive at the international level and the construction of a successful career;

- provides volunteers for running sport events or actions intended to individuals, members of socially disadvantaged groups.

The UNEFS international cooperation actions are rendered effective through:

- inter-university mobility for students, teaching and research staff, auxiliary teaching staff;

- exchanges of experience and organization of workshops, conferences, congresses;

- further training stages in internationally acknowledged education and research units;

- study programmes developed in international partnership;

- specialty training stages.

During the years, UNEFS has developed continuing education programs in several projects.

UNEFS site    www.unefsb.ro

UNEFS facebook      https://www.facebook.com/UNEFS/





Coaching Portugal  (Portugal)


Coaching Portugal is a Confederation that represents 22 sports between coaches associations and individual members.

Coaching Portugal deals with all subjects related to the career and education of the Coach being its spokesman within public and private sector and nationally and internationally in organizations such as: the Portuguese Institute of Sport and (IPDJ), the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports (SEJD), the National Sports Council (CND), the International Council for Coach Education (ICCE), UNI Europe and the European Union.

Coaching Portugal organizes an annual Coaches Congress where Coaches of all sports meet with plenary conferences with generalist themes but also with sports related workshops.


Coaching Portugal official website - www.treinadores.pt


Coaching Portugal social media:

facebook: Treinadores de Portugal

instagram: treinadores.pt

twitter: @treinadorespt




Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale (C.S.E.N.) (Italy)


C.S.E.N. (National Educational Sport Centre) is a national Body for Sports Promotion recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) and by the Italian Paralympic Committee (C.I.P.).

CSEN aims to promote and disseminate sporting activities with a high social value; to contribute to developing sports, thus reaching the objective of “sports for everybody and belonging to everybody” (in line with the “Sport for All” movement); to establish favourable conditions for a wider development of physical education, sports and health; to cooperate with the C.O.N.I., Sporting Federations, Schools, Regions and Local Authorities, with social and political groups as well as with autonomous organizations from other countries; to promote the growth of Sporting Clubs; to operate not-for-profit across Italy.

The above-mentioned aims are pursued through a variety of structured activities among which appear the promotion and organization of amateur and competitive competitions for all age groups; the organization of championships and tournaments for all male and female categories; the training and refresher courses for managers, technicians/experts, sport operators and instructors.

In Italy CSEN offers over 274 sport disciplines and it is in the top position for Fitness, Dance, Sports with Dogs and Martial Arts, including martial arts for disabled people. Also well represented are Athletics, Football (especially with 5 to 9 players), Water sports, Volleyball, Basketball and many others disciplines.

CSEN website: www.csen.it  

CSEN Progetti website: www.csenprogetti.it

CSEN facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CsenNaz/

CSEN Progetti facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/csenprogetti.it/?ref=br rs

CSEN National Project Office: europe@csenprogetti.it



Outbound Soceer - Redditch United Girls Football Club (RUGFC) (UK)

Outbound Soceer - Redditch United Girls Football Club was founded in December 1995. Redditch United Girls Football Club usually organises training seminars “Sports Coach Development Seminar” where coaches learn cutting edge coaching techiques.Those enrolled usually learn the latest coaching techniques, learn how to create resilient players, master motivational methods and build a winning mentality.

RUGFC site:  http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/redditchunitedfootballclub/l/default.html


Boldmere St. Michaels Football Club  (Partner category III) (UK)

Boldmere St Michaels Football Club was established in 1883 as a youth football team attached to the local church. In 1994 Boldmere were founder members of the Midland Alliance, and were league runners-up in 2013–14, the league’s final season. When it merged with the Midland Combination to form the Midland League, the club became members of the Premier Division.


Gary Barrell barrellg@gmail.com




Outbound Soceer 

The Association Sport Club Dream Team (Asociatia Clubul Sportiv Dream Team) was fonded at the beginning of 2017. The club is a polisportive structure, a private non-profit sports club, a non-profit legal person. The goal of the club is to carry out mini-football, football, handball, volleyball and Rugby sports, namely the selection, initiation and training of athletes in these fields, participation in domestic and international sports competitions, as well as other related activities.

Some of the club’s objectives are:

-          the development of links with specialized public institutions, specialized sports federations, domestic and international

-          promoting fair-play and preventing violence in sport

-          developing the material base for mini-football, football, handball, basketball, volleyball and rugby sports

-          providing training camps and traineeships for their own athletes and technicians

The ACS Dream Team project in the domain of women’s football addresses high school and lyceum students from Bucharest and, experimentally, from its surrounding areas, as an alternative of sport activity, with the aim of promoting football among girls aged from 6 to18 years old . "The King of Sports" is practiced and promoted from the age of 6, by supplementing school hours outside school and as an alternative to socialization without prejudices and inhibitions. It is intended to compensate for unilateral activities, to combat sedentary, stress and obesity.


ACS Dream Team WEBSITE:   https://www.dreamteambucuresti.ro/

ACS Dream Team site:   http://www.fotbalfeminin.net/team/acs-dream-team-bucuresti/

ACS facebook page:      https://www.facebook.com/dreamteambucuresti/